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Five Ways to Benefit from Marketing Videos

Internet speeds are getting faster and faster as online videos soar higher than ever in popularity. Ordinary smartphones now even have video cameras boasting a whole range of pro features. So what’s the reason behind all these?

To begin with, these marketing videos are very easy to make these days. All you need is a smartphone and you can start shooting and editing! Videos are also a highly personal medium. You can build and nurture a more personal relationship with your audience – plus more social media likes and shares – than if you relied mainly on text. You can convey more in a lot less time using marketing videos than just words.

As far as marketing videos is concerned, here are the top uses and advantages it has to offer your business:

Featuring FAQs

You can answer frequently asked questions on your website using video demonstrations. Without a doubt, your customers will love you for this (who wants to read blocks of text?).
Video Chats

Attaching your brand to a human face is the best way to build a deeper, emotional connection with your market. A lot of companies have seen their customer satisfaction rates go up once they shifted to video chats.

More Social Media Engagement

As mentioned earlier, videos are usually liked and shared more on social media compared to posts that are mainly text. This is definitely a great way to put your brand out there, considering we are now in the digital age.

Giving Instructions

There’s no doubt in the world that consumers all agree on video how-to’s being more effective than instructions made of purely text. You can tell people what they should do, but when you show them, everything becomes way more efficient.

More Credibility

A testimonial comes across with more credibility than anything written. People know it’s a real live person giving a piece of their mind. Video testimonials have been a trend among online marketers for some time now.

Wider Audience Reach

YouTube has a minimum of 4 billion page views everyday, engaged audience and all. Next to Google, it’s the biggest search engine today, and people troop there for so many different reasons that include knowing more about a certain product or service they’re interested in. That means it’s a haven for marketing videos.

Better Opened Email Rates

In the digital world, your opt-in email mailing list is one of your most precious assets. But on top of that, you have to find ways to boost your engagement as well as raise your email open rates. Videos in emails are a proven way to increase those rates.

Higher Conversion Rate

Lastly, a video on a landing page has a reputation for increasing conversion rates – the ultimate goal of every business out there – and this is backed by statistics.