Muslim Prayer Times NYC Schedule in USA

Islamic Prayer Time NYC

The meaning of word Salah or prayer is invocation (dua) in Islam. Muslims offer Salah or prayer in a specific way. Also, there is a fixed time to offer each prayer of the day. A prayer is a spiritual as well as a physical way of building relation with Allah. Here you will find Islamic prayer time NYC if you live in New York City and do not know about the exact time of each prayer of the day.

Islamic prayer time NYC

Names of Five Prayers in Islam

There are five prayers in Islam and Muslims pray five times a day. The names of five prayers in Islam are Fajr, Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib, and Isha. These five prayers of the day keep Muslims connected to Allah.

The Fajr Dawn Prayer

Fajr or the Dawn prayer is the first prayer of the day. The name of the prayer tells us that the time to offer first or Fajr prayer of the day starts from the Dawn. With the sunrise, the time to perform the dawn prayer ends. So, from dawn to sunrise one can offer the first prayer of the day.

Zuhr Prayer Time NYC

After the first prayer of the day, Muslims start their day. At noon, the time for the second or Zuhr prayer of the day starts. At this time, if we look at the sky, we can find the sun being at the highest point in the sky. One can offer Zuhr prayer before the time of the third prayer of the day starts.

Asar Prayer Time NYC

According to a school of thought in Islam, the time to offer Asar prayer starts when the length of the shadow of an object becomes equal to the length of the shadow of an object at Zuhr prayer time plus two times of the length of the object. When the sun starts to set, the time of Asar prayer ends.

Maghrib Prayer Time NYC

Maghrib or the sunset prayer is the fourth prayer of the day in Islam. The time for offering the fourth prayer of the day starts after the sunset. One has to offer this sunset prayer before the dusk time. At the dusk time, there is not complete darkness on the sky. Dusk time is the time a little before the start of the night.

Isha Prayer Times NYC

After the spread of complete darkness when the time of Maghrib prayer ends, the time to offer Isha prayer starts. Muslims can offer Isha prayer until midnight. This is also an important prayer of the day as at night we end our day and the right way is to end the day with the name of Allah by offering Isha prayer.

This is all about Islamic Prayer Times NYC. For Muslims, it is necessary to follow strict time limits in Islam to offer their prayers in the right way. Follow Islamic Prayer Times NYC and do not get late in offering prayers if you cannot hear the voice of Azan.

Two fold double line up haircut

Double line up haircut for guys has never been easy to do so. The cut which relies the face and personality that lies within you. It all gets the spot on angles and clean shiny curves of it. They were kind of ugly back then in 2000’s but now they became very popular among in every country because not only of their appearances in movies but also with their dope touch, clean look, sharp finish and beautiful layout. They get the natural headline and back of the head with double line through them letting them to cut whole inner and outside as well. You can also change the directions, shape and orientation of their by clippers or razors as well. You just need a thick, a lot and medium length of hairs to do so. They have variety of cool and sharp styles as well in fashion industry.

If you want to look attractive, handsome and beautiful day by day then you just need to trim and maintain current hairstyle of yours regularly. However if you have fizzy and thin hair then they will surely look blurs on all of you furs head. There are many ways to get them straight and balance their existing with simple tools such as steady hand, scissors and so much more. They keep the top of your head with right or left direction and a line or two between them whereas side and forehead top hairs keep like the piece of hard plastic card etc. If you need a sharp touch and look then go for a razor to do trimming on end of your furs. Following are the trendiest double line up haircut for guys in fashion industry now days:

Ivy edge league:This one is really simple a well educated in the looks of he’s having with it. This cut is basically having double line up cut on both right sides as well on left sides on top of the head of furs. It’s so popular and stills the trendiest one in last decade or two. They also came with the variety of faded sides as well as the middle section of your hairs thick and little longer than average size of furs. Moreover if you do trimming on it surely this will look so dope then.

Lines and Curves: It has so many patterns has still in itself. Strong, shiny and attractive end point looks so sharp and they are done by razor trimming. There is a point in this fashion where the beard is not disconnecting from your top furs; it holds the hairs all the way down to chin and mustache. Do maintain it regularly in order to give it attraction, regrowth as well as fading your side edges.

Short hair and Big Beard:This one is so cool for double line up haircut for guys having the nice growth and length of their beard. Basically top of your head furs is kept as strong edges and trimmed by razor whereas beard is the main part of this fashion and it kept long and strong.

double line up haircut

Hiring a Roofing Contractor? Must follow these Secrets

While hiring any professional, there are some things related to the field and some things of normal professional norms that you must consider to make sure that you get the service seamless.  As in the case of a roofing contractors MI, we are providing you with some of the secrets of the industry to help you better decide the roofing contractor.

  1. Workmanship

This is the absolute grantee that your roof will work up to the mark during its whole service life. The level of workmanship of your roofing contractor is the determining factor for the life of the roof and its quality. The way they work, and their dedication sometimes counts more than their expertise even.

  1. Shingle quality

Shingle is the most important component of a roof. It is the quality of the shingle that determines the quality of the roof. There are a number of companies producing the roof shingles and supplying them to the roofing contractors. These companies have their own quality and pricing. To double check that the contractor is using the shingles from the company he is claiming, it is good to see the purchase invoices of the shingles. In this way you can also verify the prices.

  1. Shingle Installation Practices

Good shingles can work badly when not laid down or installed in the proper prescribed way. There are certain guidelines laid down by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA’s Roofing and Waterproofing Manual), and the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association (ARMA) and American Society of civil engineers. Make sure that the contractor you have hired complies with these standards when it comes to laying down the shingles.

  1. Reputation of the Contractor

Conducting a little research on the contractor’s reputation in the roofing market can be of a great use. Not all the contractors are the same. Some perform well in the field while others do not. It is good to consider hiring a contractor having a good reputation in the market. This can be known by contacting the previous clients of the contractor. You may even have some one of your circle who may have hired the contractor in the past and they can testify their reputation.

  1. Accountability

Accountability within a company is important to deliver the best to the clients at the best rates. It is important to check the level of accountability within the roofing company you are hiring is sufficient. Only in this case you will get all the services they may have promised you.

These are some of the tips or secrets of hiring a good roofing contractor which no roofer will tell you. If you follow these it is hoped that you will get the best roofing job.

Hiring a Roofing Contractor? Must follow these Secrets

Elephant: One of the Biggest Mammal of Animals That start with E

Elephants are the biggest mammals of the family Elephantidae. African and Asian are two species of elephants exist in this world. There are also many subspecies of Asian Elephant such as Sri Lankan, Indian Elephant, Borneo Elephant, and Sumatran Elephant. Only Elephant is the mammal that having joints but cannot jump.  There are various animals that start with E but The Elephant is biggest of all of them. Elephants are spending almost 22 hours for eating. The Elephants searches green tree leaves.


Information about Elephant

  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Proboscidea
  • Kingdom: The Kingdom of Elephant is Animalia.
  • Phylum: Chordata.
  • Lifestyle: The Lifestyle of an Elephant is HERD.
  • Conservation Status:
  • Family: Belongs to Elephantidae Family.
  • Scientific Name: Loxodonta Africana.
  • Type of Animal:
  • Diet:
  • Size (Height): Almost 2m to 3.5m (7feet to 12feet).
  • Weight: Approx 3000 kilogram to 550 kilograms (6500 pounds to 12000 pounds)
  • Top Running Speed: Elephant running speed is 40 kilometer per hour.
  • Life Span: Approx 55 to 75 years.
  • Body Color: Elephant has the only body color,
  • Habitat: Flood Plains and Rain Forest.
  • Favorite Food: Grass is the favorite food of Elephant.
  • Main Prey: Roots, Fruits, and Grass.
  • Predators: Wildcats, Hyena, and Humans.
  • Distinctive Features: Long the large trunk and also have a huge

Elephant Teeth and Facts

Human are born without teeth and after that grow a milking set of teeth and finally lose these milky teeth and grow permanent teeth, similarly, elephants are born without teeth or tusks and grow milk tusks and finally grow teeth, and these are called permanent tusks. Elephants use their teeth for lighting and digging heavy objects. The elephant has 7 or 8 sets of teeth instead of two like humans. New teeth of elephants grow in the back of their mouths and replace the old teeth by forward them.

The longest tusks of elephant ever recorded were 140 inches long and the weight was almost 315 pounds. Elephant tusks are usually dangerous for them. Elephant dental system is not similar to other animals. Other most animals and also human’s teeth are produced from back to push forward but in elephants sets of molars are development in their whole life circle and teeth pushes forward the old teeth to replace it.

Elephant Foot and their Facts

The feet of the Elephant have 5 toes. They are walk on their toe tip because the elephant foot is produced in that way, the elephant walk on toe tip. The Elephant feet has made with fatty and tough tissues as they absorb shock due to this they can walk very easily and quietly. The size of the elephant foot is almost half in the size of their shoulder due to this; scientists are easy to tell elephant size by just looking the footprint of them. The Elephant is the largest animal in animals that start with E. The elephant digs up the roots out of the very tough ground by using their enormous feet.





Best Assisted Living Facilities in Denver Colorado

An assisted living facility is a term that is used for the assistance houses for seniors and patients who have mental diseases like Alzheimer.  There are alot of nursing houses and charity houses that are providing these facilities to the senior citizens who have age above 55 years.

Assistance is provided in regards to eating, bathing, dressing, transportation and in much more like medication, walking, routine medical checkup, etc. It is a long-term senior care protection program that provides personal support to the seniors and mental patients. Assisted Living Facilities include housing, support services, and medical services as needed. These facilities also offer management support to your resources.

Basic Information about Assisted living houses:

 When we look for the information that how many Assisted Living Facilities are available in the country than to achieve our goal we conduct a survey. So, one survey shows us that there are around 31,100 assisted living communities in U.S. And when togo for the number of apartments in these assisted communities then it is revealed that these facilities have around 475,500 apartments and 735,000 numbers of residents living in these apartments in U.S.

Different assisted living facilities to provide thedifferent length of stay but the average length of stay is 36 month, and only 40 % residents are those who seek assistance to do regular work.

The idea of assisted living was to introduce about 25 years ago, but now it becomes the most favorable, affordable and fast growing concept of nowadays. Assisted living facilities are the best housing solution for the seniors or adults who want to live independently or need some assistance in their living.

Assisted Living Facilities cost:

Assisted Living facilities cost differs according to the different factors. Some of those factors are given below that have great influence over the assisted living cost.

  • Residence Type
  • Apartment type is it small single room or doubles large room
  • Location of the this Assisted Facility
  • Services that you needed

These assisted living facilities charge the coston amonthlybasis, and they may charge extra for the special services that they will provide.However, long term payment options also offered by these facilities houses that may include some discount based on the type of services you hired from them.

Assisted living facilities houses are the best option to live. One can live here independently or can get some assistance inhis affairs, without facing any trouble.

Assisted Living Facilities

WWE Triple Threat Match Announced For WWE Battleground 2016

On WWE Monday Night Raw on June 20, 2016, Roman Reigns took on Rollins to determine the no 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Title. There’s no telling when The Miz will likely be performed filming The Marine 782 (that’s what they’re up to now ,right?) but I’m starting to think he isn’t wrestling at Battleground just as he missed out at Money in the Bank. The Lunatic might be defending it at Battleground in opposition to Rollins and Reigns in a Triple Threat Match. Is not affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) or TNA Wrestling in any approach.Elsewhere on the card, there will be a wwe battleground 7/24/16 Battle Royal for the vacant WWE Intercontinental Championship. For a very long time, many fans (myself included) have just been working below the belief that Sasha Banks would get a title shot in opposition to Charlotte at SummerSlam , with Battleground being another state of affairs the place somebody is fed to the champion to set her up.

As the ultimate stop on the highway to SummerSlam, Battleground has traditionally featured many memorable moments, including marquee matchups and sudden title changes. Next was a promo featuring The Miz who bragged about being the hardest particular person and Ryback being terrified of him (referring to the WWE Intercontinental Championship match that was cancelled because of Ryback’s harm also involving Big Show ). Big Show confirmed up moments later and knocked out Miz. Charlotte © vs. Paige (WWE Women’s Championship): Charlotte would not have to worry about Lynch or Natalya for the foreseeable future.

At Money within the Bank, Sheamus gained the Money in the Bank ladder match for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match contract. During this period WWE has acquired worldwide recognition for producing immensely popular occasions like King of the Ring, Royal Rumble, Monday Night Raw and SmackDown. WWE might have been planning to turn Reigns heel before his suspension, contemplating the group reactions. Nonetheless, these are all simply rumors at the moment and the WWE is thought to vary their plans many occasions before a pay-per-view.

Reigns dropped the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday on the Money in the Bank PPV , having held the title since he defeated Triple H at WrestleMania 32 on April three. The former wwe champion is has to face Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, the present champion, in the primary event of WWE Battleground on July 24. Battleground 2016 full show is planned to be a continuation of different pre-present wrestling feuds and plots which have been fashionable among the many viewers. He would money in on Seth Rollins and defeat him and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Battleground will now be the stage for the primary-ever Shield Triple Threat match.

Battleground 2016 full show

Get a rental car at Antalya Airport

Get a ANTALYA Airport Rent A Car  and drive away to your destination comfortably. The Izmir places of work are also open during bank holiday up many doorways of Izmir while you rent a carIzmir is a metropolis filled with points of interest to suit each style below the sun, due to this fact it doesn’t matter what you are searching for, you will see it proper right here. At the time of writing i.e. May 2009, there are particular presents making use of to each Easyjet and Pegasus airways and I calculated that for the whole journey in October it will cost me roughly £120 return – a really reasonable value. With automotive hire in Izmir, you can even head izmir havalimanı rent a automotive right down to the breathtaking Antique City of Efes.

By buying it, you are guaranteed to get back your automotive rental prepayment it doesn’t matter what the rental cost and duration is in case of cancelling your reserving. Our system compares costs from nicely-known car rental firms so as a customer you possibly can at all times hire a car by means of us at a aggressive value. Working with over 805 companies in 162 countries, we can discover the right automobile in the fitting place, at the proper price.

There are many jaw-dropping mosques and temples which might be properly worth a go to, together with Yivli Minare and Kesik Minare, not forgetting the restored Ottoman mansion of Antalya Kültür Evi (the Antalya Culture Centre). Here are some locations you could wish to visit that can be easily reached after hiring a car from Antalya Airport. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has built the Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center on a 21,000 m2 land plot within the Güzelyalı district, with a purpose to contribute to the izmir hire a automobile metropolis’s culture and art life.

Rent low cost vacation automobiles allover in Antalya, Turkey…Budget , snug, sedan vehicles, luxurious sedans, SUV’s, 4×4 jeeps, minibus, chauffeur – driver car rentals service in Antalya, Turkey. During the First World War, Mustafa Kemal’s navy status had continued to rise however he effectively resigned from Ottoman service after the conflict when Turkey was being dismembered. Tercinini İstanbul Merkez izmir olmak üzere, İzmir, Ankara, Adana, Fethiye, Antalya ve Alanya şehirlerinde ofisleri bulunmaktadır. Citroen C-Elysee Dizel The Citroen C-Elysee Airport car rental business is a needed automobile diesel economic system and comfort. Intercity, A Grubu acenteliğe ve Rent A Car belgesine sahip tek filo kiralama şirketidir.

Adnan Menderes International Airport in Izmir is an influential gate within the touristic West of Turkey. With a easy booking system and an incredible collection of autos, Europcar is the right alternative on your Antalya International Airport car rental. Your automotive rental will get you from one Izmir attraction to another with ease so consider visiting Yamanlar, Konac Pier, Asansor and Mount Sipylus.

Get a rental car at Antalya Airport

Barclays and Barclays Finance Contact Number

Finance Contact Number

Barclays is an intercontinental commercial and budgetary organization situated in Britain. It has its headquarters in London, UK. It is a comprehensive association functional across the counter, providing quite reliable banking services, having millions of customers worldwide with its operations in 50 plus countries and employs nearly 140 thousand people across the world.Barclays finance contact numbersare the convenient ways to get customer and client support from efficient service team.

Barclays started its work as an organization almost 365 years ago, when it was basically founded and established by John Freame and Thomas Gould. Later it joined with other banking associations to form a rather better banking consortium. And John Freame with his relative, James Barclayearned Barclays reputation nationwide and internationally.It has gained various accessions up to the year 2000. Barclays is sorted into four-centered business system, as it provides services of personal, co-operate and investment banking along with money and affluence management. Barclays also works as a social organization where through its co-operate banking, It provides not-for-profit charities to associations working for social purposes.

In this era of technology, it also provides the very reliable service of online banking which will make you keep track of your wealth and investments and also to make payments and transactions easily. This banking association provides loans on legalterms, helping in wealth management. Barclays Partner Finance is Britain’s and United Kingdom’s biggest provider of outlet sales service. Barclayscards is one of the customer and consumer-friendly services provided by Barclays which provides Credit and Debit Cards services to customers A Barclaycard holder has a range of advantages from balance transfers to online banking..

Besides providing excellent services of online banking, loans, saving accounts and much more, Barclays has a commendable customer and client help and support system. Having its consumers all over the world, it always works well when it comes to handling complaints and confusions from its clients. As it operates in a number of countries, the customers can go for calling their country’s Barclays’ branch. For some major countries, Barclays finance contact numbers and branch locations can be viewed below.


  • +91 11 4657 9000 (New Dehli)
  • +91 22 6719 6400 (Mumbai)
  • +91 20 4120 8823 (Pune)


  • +86 21 8896 6000 (Shanghai)
  • +86 10 5816 5000 (Beijing)

United States of America


  • +1 713 401 6800 (Houston)
  • +1 617 330 5800 (Boston)

United Arab Emirates

  • +971 4 362 1000 (Dubai)


  • +61 2 9334 6000 (Sydney)

Besides these counties, Barclays also functions in other countries including, Japan, Russia, Qatar, Thailand, Pakistan and many others.

A toll-freeBarclays Finance Contact Number (00 44 24 7684 2100)  for international customers and consumers is there, where you can call at any time of the day in case you want to discuss anything ranging from transactions to payments or when you simply want details about your account balance. All queries will be well-answered by customer service team.

Methods of learning of foreign english in senior citizens

In 1998 the Community initiative called “European Label for innovative projects in teaching and learning of english”.

In the 2004-2006 Community Action Plan for Promoting Language Learning has been recognized at the European Label “an important role to play, highlighting local, regional and national projects that have found creative ways to improve the quality of english, as well as the ultimate aim of rewarding the most innovative experiences in the field of teaching and learning foreign english in EU countries “(Guido, Lippolis, 2007).

In the book “Valuing teaching and language learning – The European Label in Italy” (Guido, Lippolis, 2007) you can see an overview of projects of the prize winners Label from 1998 until 2006.

These are projects in which we resort to a variety of active learning methodologies: use of recordings, documentary films, use of diagrams, annotations, tables, control of global understanding and / or analytical materials, communicative and creative type exercises, such pairwork , groupwork, role-play, open dialogue. Additionally, you notice the frequent use of modes of learning at a distance, e-learning and new computer media in general.

However, the target of the projects involves a predominantly young audience (students, children and / or adolescents), while adults are considered for a predominantly vocational purposes.

Among the winning projects of the label in 2006, citing the project “IPSIA Marconi on the stage – Theatre performance of” Romeo and Juliet “by William Shakespeare”.

The methodological basis of the project is the CLIL: Content Language Integrated Learning. Disciplinary contents of which are in English, the project is implemented as project work and research work, analysis and study is carried out using the methodology of cooperative learning.

Methods of learning of foreign english

ingles curso

It can be traced, in fact, a partial affinity due to the theatrical element of the narrative format, but the target has involved students of the Professional Institute from a socio-economic and cultural milieu quite low. They are not, therefore, involved in old age.

Outside Europe, however, we mention the report “Analysis of training programs in L2 for seniors in Canada” (2008) compiled by the Institute for the Whole life span and aging at the University of Toronto – Canada.

In view of the massive migration flows involving Canada, the report analyzes the training programs for the acquisition of English and French aimed at elderly immigrants in Canada.

This analysis is aimed at identifying the most favorable conditions for learning of English and French by immigrant elderly people, as well as the conditions that encourage their social integration, cultural and economic life in Canada.

E ‘it was found that the courses in L2 for the elderly based on the social and psychological needs and allow you to acquire a “social background”, that is a good knowledge of social interactions of the dominant culture and a consequent casually towards him (Taylor et al ., 2003).

They were taken into account language training programs for older people in Canada, the US and Australia, such as the “Inglese for Older Adults” program, in Winnipeg (Manitoba).

According to the authors, these programs can transform, inspire and improve the lives of the people. They also argue that such programs have beneficial effects on older people because “favor the creation of social resources and friendship, offer the opportunity to participate actively in society, also provide the tools that allow the elderly to combat depression, ‘anxiety, violence and isolation “(Taylor et al., 2005).

In addition, it would seem that, in the context of these courses in L2 for subjects in old age, the social aspects take precedence over those language, although knowledge of the language is not neglected (Morgan, 2002).

However, the report analyzed more than other structural aspects of the educational curriculum in L2 (logistics, timing, financing, etc.), Rather than methodological aspects of psycho-linguistic.


Lose A Few Pounds With A Benefiber Weight Loss Plan

When you hear the two words “weight loss,” things such as “do not eat anything, exercise more, run long distances” and such come to mind. People are constantly looking for easy ways to acquire the shape they want. After they have analyzed their meal plans, they make certain usual changes like reducing fats and carbohydrates while increasing vitamins and proteins. The simple mistake they make that could cause huge variations in their weight is fiber. That is when Benefiber weight loss comes in really handy.

To begin easy, the very fact that Benefiber comes in powder form assists us because you can mix it with water and just drink or put in other foods as it is easily absorbable. Many supplements come in the form of solid medicines and people sometimes forget to have them. Benefiber comes in other forms as well though and most interestingly, there is one that comes with different flavors that you can chew. There are many simple ways to have it, and they will guarantee weight loss even if you do not make any changes to your regular diet. It will escalate the weight loss process, though if you add more fiber and make few modifications to the diet.

Secondly, it does not come with side effects like other weight loss supplements. Other medicines can come with a lot of problems like nausea, headaches, fever and even vomiting. The Benefiber is a safe product, and you can have it without any pressure. Besides, it is not just a weight loss pill; it enhances your nutritional intake if you lack in fiber. It makes up for those missing fibers that your body needs.

Thirdly, if you are looking for a permanent way to get rid of those extra pounds, then this is the right choice. You can surely take other pills, eat less and exercise the whole day and get rid of a lot of pounds but those will again come back if you start eating again or stop workout. With the Benefiber weight loss, you do not need to do any exercise, or stop eating, but you will still manage to get rid of the extra pounds for good. The secret of this product is that it will make you feel like your stomach is full and you will not get hungry. It is an important aspect for anyone trying to get rid of the extra pounds.

 6 - Lose A Few Pounds With A Benefiber Weight Loss Plan